Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics: NEW CHA CHA Tint

The New Member of the Benefit Tint Family! 

Nothing makes me more excited than a new Benefit product, especially when its a new tint! I have loved the rosey colored  Benetint for years and the pink colored Poisetint is my go-to on a "no makeup" day. So i was sooo excited to get to try the new coral or " mango tinted" CHA CHA tint! And I have to say its my new favorite of the bunch! When you look at the tint product itself it is literally bright orange. So i was kinda scared at first because I hate the color orange. But when i blended it into my cheeks it was the prettiest color of a pinky coral. I am OBSESSED! I recommend this to anyone who wants a pretty just been kissed glow, especially with summer around the corner when tints are essential because they are sweat and waterproof. This product hits counters in June so keep your eyes out! 

Me wearing and posing with my new CHA CHA Tint

"The juiciest flush you can get from a bottle! Our mango-tinted lip and cheek stain smoothes on a whisper of warm tropical sunset hue. It's beauty with a chacha beat! To use: Brush three strokes lightly on the apples of your cheeks and blend with fingertip quickly. Dap on lips and blend. For an extra splash of color, repeat!"
 - Benefit Cosmetics

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I have been looking for an excuse to drive 30 min away to Wal Mart so I could check out HARD CANDY's new cosmetic line thats exclusively sould there. ( i've missed Hard Candy since it left Sephora)  Well turns out last night my best friend was headed to Wal Mart cause she was looking for a solution to help her organize her massive collection of underwear. Annnyywaayyss the whole HC line is totally cute and innovative. The packaging is to die for and most of the products come in vibrant colors. I had never seen a bright baby blue mascara before! Oh and did i mention everything is cheap as hell! I picked up 4 things and spent about 24 bucks. So here is the stuff I picked up! :