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I have been looking for an excuse to drive 30 min away to Wal Mart so I could check out HARD CANDY's new cosmetic line thats exclusively sould there. ( i've missed Hard Candy since it left Sephora)  Well turns out last night my best friend was headed to Wal Mart cause she was looking for a solution to help her organize her massive collection of underwear. Annnyywaayyss the whole HC line is totally cute and innovative. The packaging is to die for and most of the products come in vibrant colors. I had never seen a bright baby blue mascara before! Oh and did i mention everything is cheap as hell! I picked up 4 things and spent about 24 bucks. So here is the stuff I picked up! : 

Skinny Dipping and Hot Flash 

Ok so I know what your thinking "Didnt she just say this line was innovative yet these blushes look like a complete rip off of Benefits boxed blushes Sugarbomb and 10". Well even if you weren't  thinking that it is totally true. But never the less these were $6 bucks each!!! My whole purchase was $4 less than ONE Benefit boxed blush. I really like these blushes too. They are highly pigmented and blend beautifully. They are a bit too powdery but for the price im not complaining too much. I want them all!!! 

Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow Duo:
 pick up line 
Take Me Out Liner: 
wild child 

The baked eyeshadow duo I was not as impressed with as the blushes. The color and shimmer are pretty but they are not very  pigmented. Maybe i'm just spoiled by MAC and Urban Decay but I can't stand having to keeping going back into the shadow to get more color on the lid. I don't think I would buy any more of those eyeshadows. I suppose though for $6 they could be alot worse. 
I really like the glitter liner though. The color seriously comes out as bright as the color on the packaging and it is creamy. I was worried it would be like those 1$ NYC pencils that just tug on your eye and nothing shows up but this pencil is VERY pigmented and smooth. I want some more of those! 

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