Tuesday, April 12, 2011


MAC Quite Cute: Candy Yum Yum Matte Lipstick

So after my last shopping trip to the MAC counter when I bought the other Quite Cute collection items I couldn't get the hot pink matte lipstick out of my mind. So I went back the next day and swooped it up because its not everyday you see a color like that and plus I was headed for a weekend in Las Vegas and it seemed like the perfect lip color for a Saturday night in the city of sin. Boy was I right! This is hands down my new favorite lipstick. The color was the perfect pop against my bronzed skin and all black smokey eye. And the best part.... it stayed on ALL NIGHT! It lasted me through drinking a yard long cocktail, kissing my man constantly and even through a huge $15 cheeseburger. Im totally impressed. Even if you can't find this color, it is sold out on MAC website and my local counter was out also , you should try MAC's matte lipsticks in general because they are AMAZING. 

( check out those dark circles!ugh thanks Vegas lol) 


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